Executing Change

Exceptional Cultures

Creating an exceptional environment starts with great leadership and modelling value driven behaviours. In developing exceptional cultures, businesses must look beyond the standard 360° feedback, basic team cohesion exercises, and one-off presentation that well-intentionedly promote performance inconsistency.

Promoting an environment where your team can perform consistently under pressure and stress whilst not avoiding important issues is difficult. We help you with strategic information and relevant metrics and experiential learning develop and maintain these environments when the pressure is on. 

People, Strategy, Governance and Leadership

Our main objective is to aid organistions with relevant information and real world applicable skills to help them perform more effectively day to day. The core areas of people, strategy, governance and leadership are all underpinned by psychological processes which are either unknown, ignored or only addressed at a human level once it is too late. 

We are passionate about setting things up and being thorough for effective performance long-term. We will objectively examine how your team operates, patterns of behaviour under stress, and what the barriers are to positive behaviour change.

From a leadership perspective, we target weaknesses  and foster traits that lead to effective and mindful leadership, not just promote your strengths. Our comprehensive approach will enhance your businesses ability to act decisively, stay on course with your goals, and promote a healthy and productive working environment.


Psychometrics can be an important tool in understanding, however many that are used in organisation do not adequately assess how people react under stress. We believe that whether, a director, CEO, or manager is under stress at work, they exhibit entrenched emotional responses that can lead to maladaptive performance.

In turn, this can impact on life out of work, creating a negative work-life cycle that can be difficult to stop. If the right psychological profiling tools are used, plans can be implemented to manage unhelpful entrenched responses under stress, which would contribute to an improvement in outcome and productivity. It's a matter of taking meaningful effective steps in raising awareness and developing the skills to peform effectively and use appropriate decision making skills when it counts

Expertise in 'Real' Behavioural Change

No matter what field you are in, or what circumstance 

  • We will help you and your organisation develop awareness and empower you to make significant adaptive change for performance and wellbeing.
  • Assess maladaptive individual and team coping strategies
  • Give insight into performance behaviours under stress and pressure and how to integrate this effectively in a strategic manner
  • Develop real, robust and reflective relationships that still allow for high performing environments regardless of circumstance.

Using clinical psychology psychometrics, we assess

  • The emotional barriers and belief systems that can impact effective communication
  • Ability to focus on task when under stress and pressure
  • Personality traits that can lead to both adaptive and maladaptive behaviours in the workplace