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About Mindful Leaders

Psychologists at Mindful Leaders have a minimum of a Masters or Doctoral degree in Psychology, constituting a minimum of 6-years training, under expert guidance at universities that have set the benchmark in performance psychology.

Because of this expert training, we can offer emperical, evidenced-based knowledge and techniques tailored around your leadership needs.

We are solution-focused. Driven by results, rather than short-term feel-good fixes, our knowledge base and skills allows positive, long-term behavioural change and performance consistency, geared towards your organisation's vision.

Dane Barclay

dane-aboutDane Barclay

MAppPsych, Ba (Psychology), MAPS

Dane completed a Masters of Applied Psychology at the University of Queensland. Dane's expertise and knowledge in how psychological barriers inhibit individual and team performance, and the use of strategic, emperically validated and progressive techniques, help clients consistently perform at their desired levels - long term. 

An expert in high peformance behavioural change, Dane writes for a variety of national publications and appears on national television (ABC) and radio (3AW) discussing topics relating to high performance psychology. Dane's breadth of experience, drive and passion, is channeled into developing and enhancing authentic leadership, systematic analysis of individual and team dynamics for effective cultural change and intergrating well-being programs which inturn enhance performance.

At the forefront of progressive evidence based psychology - Dane's experience working with elite individuals and high performing teams across a variety of disciplines, from Olympians to CEO's and Managing Directors of publicly listed companies - will ensure that your organisation and people operate efficiently and effectively towards your values and outcomes.

Daniel Dymond

dane-aboutDaniel Dymond

MAppPsych, Ba (hons), Bsc (hons), MAPS.

Daniel moved to Australia from the UK in 2006 to study psychology after completing an honours degree at the University of Exeter. He completed his Masters of Applied Psychology at The University of Queensland and has specialised in tailoring effective psychological techniques to the enhancement of performance.

Daniel has given presentations to a variety of organisations including National Conferences and has sat on expert interdisciplinary panels discussing optimal health treatments for clients.

Daniel's knowledge of how different situations and environments elicit varied emotions enables him to effectively analyse the psychological side of performance and help clients target and break down psychological processes that inhibit their desired performance.

Specifically trained in :
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Schema Therapy

Dr. Jeremy Adams

dane-aboutDr. Jeremy Adams

PhD, Grad Dip (Health Psych), BA, MAPS, AFBPsS

Dr. Jeremy Adams is a leading expert on individual and organisational performance. The author of a successful textbook on enhancing organisational capability, Jeremy has worked at a senior level in a range of organisations and enterprises. As the program director for the MSc in Sport and Performance Psychology at London Metropolitan University, Jeremy provided leading-edge sport psychology research and application.

More recently, as a senior manager at Ernst & Young, Jeremy led the design and delivery of a large-scale organisational wellbeing program, currently being rolled out across a major Australian financial institution. Currently, Jeremy divides his time between his own performance psychology consulting firm, Eclectic Consulting,  and Mindful Leaders.